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Working at Peritia means more than having a job; it means having a career in an entrepreneurial environment and working alongside professionals who share a commitment to purpose and passion.

We are built to deliver world-class construction consulting services in an ever-changing world. We welcome established experts, motivated consultants and professional staff who will contribute to our culture of teamwork, drive and mutual respect. We are an eclectic group of professionals with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives; differences that make Peritia a unique, challenging and rewarding place to work. As such, Peritia is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer with a strong philosophy in diversity and inclusion. 


We welcome your interest in becoming part of the Peritia team. Find your role by clicking the link below. If we do not have any positions available in your field of interest at this time, please complete the form below to start the conversation. We consider every new hire as an investment in the future of our firm. Become our next investment.

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